Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Towel and Tea Towel Toppers

Here are some  hand towels and tea-towels I added toppers to recently.  I suppose you could say I "altered" them.  Now they can be hung from any knob, bar, or hook you have in your kitchen. The people who have Agas or range cookers love these. Putting a crochet topper on your Tea towel might solve the problem of the wandering Tea know when someone takes your freshly washed tea towel and peels an orange into it...
 All the lovelies hanging on a clothes airer.
Top Row

                                                                  Bottom Row
                                  Close up of Crocheted tops

Thats all for today, folks!
Ger x

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  1. Hi Geraldine, love all your tea towels. Reminds me of what a great gift they are & that I should make some as Christmas gifts again :)